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Clock Reference Stuff and Horological Links on the Web

Theses pages contain various reference materials and horological links on the web.  In the future I will probably add some information on caring for and restoring antique clocks, but unfortunately, I still have to work for a living (it does get in the way of things I would like to do).

If you are interested in learning the techniques used to restore clock movements, cases, dials, and glass tablets, please check out Chapter 124's horological class availability and schedules.  The link is provided at the bottom of this page.  You do not have to be a member of the NAWCC or Chapter 124 to participate in these classes.

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Dr. Snowden Taylor's Terry Type 30-Hour Wooden Movement Identification Guide

Adapted for the web with consent from the original author, Dr. Snowden Taylor (NAWCC Bulletin #208)

U.S. Patent Listing by Year

This page contains a list of the Patents issued in the United States by year from 1836 until 1964.  This can be useful in determining approximate dates of manufacture based on the patent number.

American Clockmakers, Manufactures & Resellers c. 1800-Present

Self composed list of over 860 American Clockmakers accumulated over the years
American Clock Label Printers

Self composed list of over 150 American Clock label printers used by various makers that I have accumulated over the years.

Horological Links on the Web


Museums and Public Collections:

    • Manor House Museum - Nicely done website, lots of horological information and links.

    • The NAWCC Museum - Virtual museum of the NAWCC, lots of nice images, well done site.

    • Willard House & Clock Museum - Another great virtual museum from the folks at the NAWCC.

    • Hoffman Clock Museum - Located in Newark, NY, specializes in New York State Clocks

Horological Information:

  • Mike's Clock Clinic - Created by Mike Murray, excellent source of information concerning Atmos Clocks, lots of other good stuff.

  • Horology - The Index - Created by Fortunat F. Mueller-Maerki, the number one site on the net for links to horological information.

  • Clocks and Time - Another great source of horological information and links.

  • Clocks and Watches - Windows based timing software, other horological information.

  • Horology - Robert Terwilliger - Heroes of Horology, pics of clock and watch makers.

  • Mark Headrick's Horology Page - Excellent section on escapements, good links.

  • A Walk Through Time - Interesting site, history of timekeeping.

Private Collections:

  • Dave's American Clocks - A virtual museum of American clocks, laid out by type of timepiece.

  • MyOldClocks - Nice collection of early American Clocks and Restoration efforts.

Horological Supplies and Books:

Horological Software:

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Please note, that our interests are in preserving and restoring horological items, we do not sell pieces from our collection or provide online appraisals.  Any emails requesting values will be discarded.  Sorry, but I am not an appraiser nor do I have time to provide this service.  If your questions are of a historical nature, I will be happy to respond.

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