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The following list of American Clock Label Printers is by no means complete, or even 100% accurate.  I composed this list as a personal reference, but thought I would share the data I have compiled over the years from various sources for others to use as a guideline.  It can be a useful reference for approximating the date of manufacture for clocks which have paper labels in them.  If you have additional information you could share or corrections, please contact me and I will update the list.   Please use at your own discretion.

Label Printer Name
Last Update 12/30/13
Printer Address City, State Approx Dates Recorded In Clocks By: As Printed on Label Comments
Adams, H.   Litchfield, CT 1829-1843 Asaph Hall; Hopkins & Alfred; Spencer, Wooster & Co.; Northrop & Smith; Bassett & Gibbs; Erastus Hodges; Edmund Wooding; Elliott C. Tallmadge; Thomas Moses; Addison Johnson; Henry Judd; Alpha Hart; Norris North; Isaac Hinsman H. Adams, Printer, Litchfield Henry Adams drowned in 1843
American Office   Waterbury, CT   Morse & Co. American Office, Printer, Waterbury, Conn.  
American Printing Co.   Thomaston, CT 1865-???? Seth Thomas    
Babcock, James F.   New Haven, CT 1834 Seth Thomas Babcock, Printers, New Haven, CT. P&S Clock
Baldwin & Treadway 76 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 1828-1831 Spencer & Hotchkiss; Hotchkiss & Co. Baldwin and Treadway, Printers, New Haven  
Barber & Osbourne   New Haven, CT 1833-1838 Silas Hoadley Barber & Osbourne, New Haven, Ct. Minott A. Osborn, Joseph Barber
Barber, Joseph   New Haven, CT 1812-1853 Silas Hoadley J. Barber, Print, N. Haven Joseph Barber
Benham, John 36 Grand Ave New Haven, CT 1840-1845 Chauncey Jerome From Benham's Office, New Haven  
Benham, John 55 Orange Street New Haven, CT 1845-1855 Chauncey Jerome; Jerome & Co.; New England Clock Co. Benham, Printer, 55 Orange Street, New Haven  
Benham, John Corner of Church & Chapel New Haven, CT 1856-???? Chauncey Jerome Benham, Steam Printer, New Haven  
Bicknell & Norton   Morrisville, NY 1832-1834 William Dexter   H.C. Bicknell, Jas. Norton
Bills, H.N.   Vernon, NY 1840's H. Dexter    
Black, John 75 Fulton St. New York, NY 1841-1845 Henry Smith; Joseph Smith; Hotchkiss & Fields; Clarke, Gilbert & Co., Bordman & Wells, C.L. Prindle    
Booth, Jonas 147 Fulton St. New York, NY 1834-1842 Isaac O. Hinsdale Printed by Jonas Booth, sen. 147 Fulton, St. N.Y. Booth invented a steam driven printing press in 1823
Bowen, Henry 19 Water Street Boston, MA 1818-1848 E. Terry & Sons; Burr & Chittendon Henry Bowen's Print, 19 Water Street, Boston, MA.   
Bradford, A.   Taunton, MA 1830's Rodney Brace A. Bradford, Printer, -Taunton, Mass.  
Brownson & Co. 56 Gold Street New York, NY 1840 H. Welton & Co.; Boardman & Wells   William Brownson
Bull, E.J.   Lee, MA 1840- Henry Chapman; Porter, Carter & Co. 1. E.J. Bull's Print Shot, Lee, MA
2. E.J. Bull's Print, Lee, Mass
3. E.J. Bull Print, Lee
Burr & Smith   Hartford, CT 1841-1850 Henry Smith; Elbridge G. Atkins Burr & Smith, Printers  
Calhoun Brothers  26 State Street Hartford, CT 1853-1856 E. & I. Ingrahams Calhoun Brothers, Printers, Hartford  
Calhoun Printing Co. 66 State Street Hartford, CT 1860 -  E.N. Welch    
Calhoun Steam Printing Company 26 & 28 State Street Hartford, CT 1854-1856 J.C. Brown; Chauncey Goodrich Calhoun Steam Printing Company, 26 and 28 State Street, Hartford, Conn.  
Calhoun Steam Printing Company 66 State Street Hartford, CT 1856-1860 Forestville Clock Co; Elias Ingraham & Co.; E. Ingraham & Co. Calhoun Steam Printing Company, 66 State Street, Hartford, Conn.  
Canfield, P. 1. 32 Front St.
2. 131 State St.
Hartford, CT 1828-1839 R. Whiting; G. Mitchell; E. Downs, R. & I. Atkins, C. & L.C. Ives; Jeromes, Thompson & Co.; Jeromes & Darrow; Jeromes & Co.; C & N Jerome; E. Downs; E & GW Bartholomew; Atkins & Downs; R&I Atkins; Chauncey Boardman; Barnes & Welch; Samuel Terry & Co.; Seymour, Williams & Porter; Elisha Hotchkiss; G. Mitchell & R. Atkins; George Marsh; Spencer & Hotchkiss; Lawyer Byington; Hitchcock & Hill; Forestville Manufacturing Co.; William Beach; Case, Gilbert & Co.; Salem Homan; C. Jerome & Co.; Boardman & Wellsl; Samuel Terry & Co. P. Canfield, Printer, Hartford
P. Canfield, Printer - Hartford
1828 directory shows Canfield at 131 State St.
Case, Lockwood & Co   Hartford, CT 1857-1874 Seth Thomas (1856-1860)   Newton Case, James Lockwood
Case, Lockwood, Brainard & Co. 49 Tru Thomaston, CT 1874-1888 Seth Thomas (1860-1866)   Suceeded Case, Tiffany & co. after that Co. & P. Canfields business were consolidated in 1839. Newton Case, James Lockwood
Case, Tiffany & Co.  12 Trumball, corner of Pearl Street Hartford, CT 1836-1857 Comstock & Minor; Forestville Manufacturing Company; Seth Thomas (1854-1857); Elisha Hotchkiss; Russell Judson Case, Tiffany & Co., Pearl St., Hartford Edward D. Tiffany & Newton Case, purchased P. Canfields' business in 1839, James Lockwood worked at company.
Chicago Evening Journal Printery   New Haven, CT 1866 U.S. Clock & Brass Co. Chicago Evening Journal Printery  
Child, J. H.   Seneca Falls, NY   Marshall & Adams, E. W. Adams John H. Child, Printerm, Seneca Falls  
Cobern & Clark   Hartford, CT   Atkins Clock Co. Cobern & Clark, Printers  
Cranford, P.   Hartford, CT 1828-1834      
Cushing, J.D.   Barrington, MA 1840's Porter & Carter; Lester Day J.D. Cushing, Printer, Gt. Barrington  
Dedham Patriot Press   Dedham, MA 1832 Isaac Packard Dedham Patriot Press - Mann - Print  
Earle, J.M Sky Office Worchester, MA 1827-1858 Charles Stratton   John Milton Earle
Edwards, C.       Pritchard    
Folger & Sutton 115 John St. New York, NY 1845 W. S. Conant    
Folger & Sutton 123 Fulton St. New York, NY 1846      
Folsom & Hurlbut   Hartford, CT 1825-1832 Terry Firms (1831-1832); Marsh, Gilbert & Co.; Seymour, Williams & Porter Folsom & Hurlbut, Printers, Hartford Silas Folsom & Joseph Hurlbut
Folsom, Silas   Hartford, CT 1830-1831 Terry Firms (1830-1831)    
Francis & Loutrel 45 Maiden Lane New York, NY 1844-1867 Seth Thomas; H. Welton & Co.; American Clock Co. Stationary & Steam Job Printers Lewis Francis, Cyrus H. Loutrel
Friner & Bradford   Taunton, MA   Rodney Brace    
Gazette Office   Owego, NY   Bummel & Scoville    
Geer, Elihu   Hartford, CT 1841 C. Jerome Elihu Geer, Ornamental Printer  
Geer, Elihu 26 1/2 State Street Hartford, CT 1839-1844 Jeromes, Gilbert, Grant & Co.; Bordman & Wells Elihu Geer, Job and Card Printer, 26 1/2 State Street, Hartford  
Geer, Elihu None Hartford, CT 1842-1845 Seth Thomas; Union Manufacturing Co.; E.C. Brewster & Co.; Silas Hoadley Elihu Geer, Job, Card and Fancy Printer, Hartford  
Geer, Elihu 26 State Street Hartford, CT 1845-1846 Seth Thomas; Silas B. Terry; Wells Hendrick & Co.; Forestville Manf'g Co.; J.C. Brown & Co.; E.D. Bryant; Brewster & Ingrahams; E.D. Bryant; C. Boardman 1. Elihu Geer, Printer, [26] State Street, Hartford;
2. Press of Elihu Geer, 26 State Street, Hartford
Geer, Elihu 1 State Street Hartford, CT 1847-1850 Seth Thomas, Forestviile Manufact'g Co.; William Markham Elihu Geer, 1 State Street, Corner of Main, Hartford  
Geer, Elihu 1 State Street Hartford, CT 1847-1850 Smith & Goodrich; C. Goodrich, Goldsmith & Co.; Elisha Manross; C. Boardman & J.A. Wells; Bwester & Ingrahams Press of Elihu Geer, 1 State Street, Corner of Main, Hartford  
Geer, Elihu 10 State Street Hartford, CT 1850-1856 Birge, Peck & Co; E. Manross; William Markham 1. Press of Elihu Geer
2. Elihu Geer, Stationer and Steam Printer, 10 State St. Hartford
Geer, Elihu 10 State Street Hartford, CT 1850-1856 Brewster & Brown; Bradley Mfg. Co.; Chauncey Goodrich Press of Elihu Geer, 10 State Street, First Story, Hartford, Ct.  
Geer, Elihu 10 State Street Hartford, CT 1850-1856   Job Power Press of Elihu Geer, 10 State Street, Hartford  
Geer, Elihu 10 State Street Hartford, CT 1850-1856 E. Manross; Forestville Hardware & Clock Company; Upson Brothers; Otis & Upson 1. Stationary & Steam Printer, 10 State Street, Hartford
2. Elihu Geer, Printer & Stationer, 10 State Street, Hartford
Geer, Elihu 16 State Street Hartford, CT 1856-1887      
Geer, Elihu 18 State Street Hartford, CT 1865-1874      
Geer, Elihu State Street Hartford, CT   Forestville Manufacturing Co.; H. Welton; Alden A. Atkins; Walter Warner & Co. Elihu Geer, Job and Card Printer In Business 1838-1887
Geer's Rotary Card Press   Hartford, CT 1841-1842 E.C. Brewster & Co Geer's Rotary Card Press  
Giles & Thompson 26 1/2 State St. Hartford, CT 1853 E. & A. Ingraham Giles & Thompson, Steam Printers, 26 1/2 State Street, Hartford, Conn.  
Giles, J.   Litchfield, CT   Silas Hoadley J. Giles, Print, Litchfield, Ct.  
Goodsell, Penfield B. 142 Main, Office Hartford, CT 1820's C. Boardman; Erastus Hodges; Ethel North; Curtiss & Clark P.B. Goodsell, Printer, Hartford  
Goodwin & Co. 112 Main St Hartford, CT 1828-???? Terry Firms (to 1830); Mark Lane E. Terry & Sons  
Gordons Yankee Press 70 Nassau Street New York, NY   C. Townsend Gordons Yankee Press, 70 Nassau Street, Corner John, New York  
Greves, John & Co.    Geneva, NY 1835 Phillip Smith John Greves & Co., Printers, Geneva  
Grist, J.E.   Yorkville, SC   T.E. Suggs & Co. Printed by J.E. Grist, Yorkville, S.C.  
Guterrez Fulton Street New York, NY 1841 Clark, Gilbert & Co.    
H. Bowen's Print 19 Pearl St. Boston, MA 1840's   H. Bowen's Print, Boston  
Hall, Asaph     ????-1830   Asaph Hall, Printer  
Hart, F. 167 Washington Street New York, N.Y.   George W. Brown F. Hart, Printer and Stationer, 167 Washington Street, Corner of Coutland, New-York  
Hartford Steam Printing Company   Hartford, CT 1860-1865 Seth Thomas    
Holman & Grey 90 Fulton Street New York, NY 1847-1856 W.S. Conant; J.L. Cobb Holman & Gray, Printers  
Horton, H.B. Times Office Hartford, CT 1824-1825      
Howe, J.  39 Merchants Row Boston, MA 1841 J. Frost; Pratt & Frost; E.C. Brewster & Co. J. Howe, Printer, 39 Merchants Row, Boston Jonathan Howe
Howe, J.  39 Merchants Row Boston, MA 1840's J. Frost Howe's Patent Card Press, Boston  
Howe, Jonathan 30 Merchants Row Boston, MA 1840's D. Pratt, J. Frost Jonathan Howe, Printer  
Hudson & Goodwin   Hartford, CT 1800      
Hudson & Skinner 26 1/2 State St. Hartford, CT 1830 Seth Thomas Hartford, Printed by Hudson & Skinner  
Hurlbut & Williams   Hartford, CT 1839 Boardman & Wells; Elbridge G. Atkins; George Barber Hurlbut & Williams, Print  
Hurlbut, Joseph   Hartford, CT 1832-1844 Terry Firms (1832->), Birch Mallory & Co, J. Birge, O. Weldon; Marsh, Gilbert & Co.; Williams, Orton, Prestons & Co.; Hills, Goodrich & Co.; Elbridge G. Atkins; Seymour, Williams & Porter; Case, Willard & Co.; Edward M. Barnes; Giles Gaylord; George Marsh & Co.; Silas Hoadley; Prichard & Munson; W. Boardman; John Birge; Birge, Case & Co., Pritchard & Munson Joseph Hurlbut, Printer, Hartford, Conn.  
Huyler & Richey 26 Bleeker St. New York, NY   Forestville Manufacturing Co. Huyler & Richey, Book & Job Printers  
Jewett, George D   Hartford, CT 1852 Seth Thomas    
Jewetts Steam Press 26 State Street Hartford, CT 1851 New England Clock Co    
Jones & Frisbee   Fredonia, NY 1822-????      
Kappel, G. W.    Hartford, CT   Barnes, Bartholomew & Co. G.W. Kappel, Printer, Hartford, Conn.  
Lathrop, J. & Co. 184 1/2 Main St. Hartford, CT 1838      
Lathrop, J.H. 184 1/2 Main St. Hartford, CT 1838 Henry Smith J.H. Lathrop, Print, Hartford  
Lathrop, L.H. & Co.   Hartford, CT 1838 Pritchard & Munson L.H. Lathrop & Co., Print, Hartford J. Hurlbut worked for this firm
Leonard & Cook       Tuttle & Blakeslee    
Leonard, S.B   Owego, NY 1820's Smith, Tuttle & Blakeslee; Lorin Byington Leonard, Owego, NY.  
Litchfield Enquirer   Litchfield, CT 1830's Hopkins & Alfred    
Livesey Bros. & Co. 74 Fulton St. New York, NY   Terry & Barnum Mfg. Co. Livesey Bros. & Co., Steam Job and Card Printers, 74 Fulton St. New York  
Liveseys Yankee Presses 74 Fulton St. New York, NY 1840's F. C. Andrews; D.S. Crosby Liveseys Print, 74 Fulton, St. NYC  
Lockwood & Brainard   Hartford, CT   Welch, Spring & Co.    
Lockwood, Carl & Co.   Thomaston, CT 1865-???? Seth Thomas    
Locomothive Printing Engine 115 John Street New York, NY   Steve Cable(s)    
Lyons, Isaac   Chittenango, NY 1830's L. & J. Frisbee I. Lyon, Printer, Chittenango, NY.  
Mack & Andrus   Ithaca, NY 1828-1836 John Kirk    
Marble, E. P.   Owego, NY 1841-1843 George P. Jones for Hovey & Welch E.P. Marble, Printer, Owego  
Martin & Bradford   Taunton, MA 1830's Rodney Brace Martin & Bradford, Printers, Taunton  
Maynard's Print   Utica, NY 1830's William Hickcox Manard's Print, Utica  
McFarland, Asa Opposite State House Concord, NH 1838-1850 Forbes & Tucker Asa McFarland, opposite State House, Concord, NH.  
McFarland, G.S   Concord, NH     G.S. McFarland, At the Sign of the Press, - opp. State House, Concord, NH  
Messinger Office   Richmond, VA 1835-1836 C. Jerome & Co. Printed at the 'Messinger' Office"  
Metcalf, Lewis No 15 Central Exchange Worchester, Ma 1842 O. Weldon; Elbridge Atkins; Charles Stratton Lewis Metcalf, Printer, No 15 Central Exchange, Worcester, MA  
Moore, J.W.   Bellows Falls, VT 1838-1851 Jason R. Rawson J.W. Moore, Printer, Bellows Falls, Vermont John W. Moore
Moss, C.E. & Co   Litchfield, CT 1844-1845 Bordman & Wells C.E. Moss & Co., Print, Litchfield, Ct.  
Murphy, D. 1. 65 Fulton Street & 384 Pearl Street
2. 114 Maiden Lane, Corner of Front Street
3. 153 Water St. & 384 Pearl St
New York, NY   Bristol Brass & Clock Co.; E. & A. Ingraham & Co. 1. D. Murphy, Book and Job Printer, 65 Fulton-St & 384 Pearl-St, New York
2. D. Murphy, Printer, 144 Maiden Lane, Corner of Front Street
3. D. Murphy Book and Job Printer, 153 Water St. & 384 Pearl St., New York
Murphy, D. & Son 153 Water St., corner of Maiden Lane New York, NY 1852 William S. Johnson D. Murphy & Son, Printers, 153 Water Street, corner of Maiden Lane, New York  
Newsom, T.M.   Plymouth Hollow 1842-1865 Seth Thomas    
Norton & Russell 131 State St. Hartford, CT 1828      
Norton, B.H. Times Office Hartford, CT 1825 Jeromes, Darrow & Co. B.H. Norton, Printer, Times Office, Hartford, Conn.  
Norton, J.   Morrisville,NY 1830's H. Dexter, William Dexter    
Office of the Republican   Owego, NY 1832 Eliada Tuttle Office of the Republican, Owego, NY  
Office of the State Rights   Augusta, GA 1834-1835 Dyer, Wadsworth & Co. Printed at the Office of the State Rights' Sentinel  
Oliphand, Henry West Corner of South & Genesee St. Auburn, NY 1830-???? Asa Munger Henry Oliphant, Printer, West Corner of South and Genesee St., Auburn  
Oliphant & Skinner   Auburn, NY 1833-1837 Jared Arnold Oliphant & Skinner, Auburn  
Oliphant, Richard No. 3, Phoenix Scildings Auburn, NY 1823-1829 Asa Munger; Phillip L. Smith Richard Oliphant, Job Printer, No. 3, Phoenix Scildings, OSW Co.  
Ott, John D.   Hagerstown, MD 1830's Johnston & Melhorn John D. Ott, Printer, Hagerstown, MD  
Page & Fife No. 2 State Street Hartford, CT 1860-1888 Atkins Clock Co. Page & Fife, Steam Job Printers, No. 2 State Street, Hartford  
Page, J.B. 1. 184 1/2 Main St.
2. 321 Main St.
3. 2 State & 16 Temple St.
Hartford, CT 1848-1860 Atkins Clock Co. J.B. Page, Steam Job Printer, 2 State, & 16 Temple St. Hartford, Ct.  
Prince & Bradford   Taunton, MA 1830's Rodney Brace Prince & Bradford, Printers, Taunton, Mass.  
Ritchie, R.S.       W.A. Gawne, Oxford, OH.    
Roberts & Burr   Hartford, CT 1820's Norris North Roberts & Burr, Printers  
Rose, S. & Co.       Darrow & Seymour    
Russell, J.   Hartford, CT 1830's James M. Plumb J. Russell, Print, Hartford John Russell died in 1856
Russell, J. Jos. Quaker Lane Boston, MA 1790-1810 Simon Willard Russell, J. & Jos., Boston, Quaker Lane  
Russell, John   Hartford, CT 1835 Bishop & Norton Printer: John Russell John Russell died in 1856
Russell's American Printing House 28,30 & 32 Centre Sts New York, NY 1872 Connecticut Clock Co. Russell's American Printing House, 28, 30 & 32 Ventre Sts, NYC  
Smead   Cleveland, OH   Alexander Graham Smead, PR. Cleveland, O.  
Smith & Parmenter 9 Market St. Providence, RI 1826-1828      
Smith, Lewis L. Jr.            
Smith, S. S. S.S. Smith Litchfield, CT   Wadsworths, Lounsbury & Turners S.S. Smith Litchfield  
South Carolinian   Columbia, SC   Markham & Case Printed at the Office of the South Carolinian  
Sprague's, T.S. 193 1/2 Main St Harford, CT 1846 Brewster & Ingrahams T.S. Sprague's, 193 1/2 Main Street, Harford, Conn.  
Stanley, W.H.   New Haven, CT 1850's Harry Thompson    
Star, G. N.   Lodi, NY 1830-1833 Eri Hitchcock G.N. Starr, Printer, Lodi, NY  
Starr, Wm. D.   Middletown, CT. 1830's Barnes & Bailey; N & I Andrews; Joseph R. Bill William D. Star, Print, Middletown  
Stoddard, A.   Litchfield, CT   William S. Johnson A. Stoddard, Printer, Litchfield  
Stubs & Son   Saint Andrews, NS   Butler, Henderson & Co. Stubs & Son, Printers, Saint Andrews Nova Scotia
Terry, Edward       Elijah Bills Edward Terry, Printer  
Thomas, I. Jr   Boston, MA 1818 Simon Willard    
Thomaston Express Print   Thomaston, CT 1865-???? Seth Thomas    
Thurber, James   Taunton, MA 1830-???? Rodney Brace James Thurber, Printer, Taunton  
Thurston & Co. 6 Exchange4 Street Portland, ME   Lewis Bradford Thurston & Co., Printers, 6 Exchange Street, Portland  
Tiffany & Co.   Hartford, CT 1830's Comstock & Minor    
Toler, Townley and Statham   Lynchburg, VA 1840's A. Winston Printed by Toler, Townley and Statham, Lynchburg, VA.  
Tucker, L.   Rochester,NY 1830's J.F. Gilbert L. Tucker, Printer, Rochester  
Tuttle, N.   Troy, NY 1830-1846 Herman Harris; Harris & Wilcox N. Tuttle, Printer, 225 River-street, Troy  
Vergennes Aurora     1825-1831 Ashel Barnes    
Wells & Willard 184 1/2 Main St. Hartford, CT 1844 Union Mfg Co; Atkins & Porter Wells & Willard, 184 1/2 Main St., Hartford  
Wells Steam Press 26 State Street Hartford, CT 1847 Chauncey Boardman; Forestville Mfg. Co. Wells Steam Press, 26 State Street, Hartford  
Wells, J. G. 184 1/2 Main St. Hartford, CT 1842 M.W. Atkins J.G. Wells, Printer, 184 1/2 Main Street, 3rd Story, Hartford  
Wells, J. G. 26 State Street Hartford, CT 1843-1847 E.N. Welch; J.C. Brown; Forestville Manufacturing Company Press of J. G. Wells, 26 State Street, Hartford  
Wells, J. Garylord   Hartford, CT 1849-1851 C. Boardman Press of J. Gaylord Wells, Hartford, Ct.  
Wescott, C. S. & Co. 79 John Street New York, NY 1860's Terhune & Edwards C.S. Wesctcott & Co., Printers, 79 John Street, N.Y.  
White, M.H.   Akron, OH   Sisson & Pollard Printed at the Office of the Akron Weekly Post, by M.H. White  
White, T.W.   Richmond, VA 1835-1836 C. Jerome & Co. T.W. White, Printer, Opposite the Bell Tavern  
Whitmore & Buckingham   New Haven, CT 1840's F.C. Andrews; Samuel R. Hickox Whitmore & Buckingham, Printers, New Haven  
Williams, Walter S.   Hartford, CT 1849-1857 Boardman & Wells for Charles Stratton Walter S. Williams, Print, Hartford  
Wilson, J.            
Woodward, Thom. A. Herald Office  Hartford, CT 1831      
Woodward, Thom. G. Herald Office  New Haven, CT 1820-1845 Bishop & Bradley    


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