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circa: 1905-1918

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CLOCK STYLE Grandfather Clock
CLOCK NAME Hall Clock No. 74


Waterbury Clock Co., Waterbury, Conn.

Left: George Webster Burnham (1803-1885)
Right: Charles Benedict (1817-1881)
CASE MODEL # Hall Clock No. 74
MOVEMENT TYPE Brass, weight driven, 8-day, stamped "Waterbury Clock Co.".
CASE SIZE & CONSTRUCTION Base = 21", Height = 86", Depth = 14"
LABEL INFORMATION Original label in good condition, located on back of case. "Hall Clock No. 74".


Stainless steel plate, brass ornaments, gilt Arabic numerals. Time ring and divisions painted black, signed "Manufactured by Waterbury Clock Co., USA".

The steel plated dial was difficult to photograph, and it does not have such variations in color in person.


Wood Pendulum shaft, case made of solid mahogany, original dial glass. Brass weights and pendulum bob. The finial is a replacement, but an accurate reproduction.
ACQUIRED FROM Antique auction at "Connestoga Auction Co.", Manhiem, PA.
CONDITION WHEN ACQUIRED Case in good condition, clock running. Finial on top of case missing.
RESTORATION Movement was restored by "The Jewelry and Clock Works", Litiz, PA. in August 1990, by former owner. Cleaned dial and ornaments.

June 1993 - Purchased replacement finial from Timesavers, and refinished to match the case of the clock.


Clock was formerly owned by the Gring estate, Coatsville, PA.

The Waterbury Clock Company was formed as a joint stock corporation by Benedict & Burnham in 1857. One of the only clock companies which was not formed from smaller independent maker's shops. Company was in business from 1857-1944. There were many noted clockmakers who were employed by Waterbury, including Nobel Jerome (brother of Chauncey Jerome), and Silas B. Terry (fourth son of Eli Terry Sr.). The company began making watches for Robert H. Ingersol in 1892, and subsequently purchased his business in 1922. When company failed in 1944, it became part of the U.S. Time Corp.

Clock sold for $68.00 in 1912 Waterbury catalog.

Images to the left:
Top: Waterbury Case shop c.1888
Bottom: Waterbury Dial & Movement shop. c.1875
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NOTES The acquisition of this clock came about when my wife went to the second day of an auction (we had both gone the fist day, and of course came home with some more clocks). I had just finished dinner when the phone rang. My wife called from the auction house wanting to know if I would be mad if she bought another clock? "Of course not", I said. Hence, our first grandfather clock was delivered to our house. Clock collecting is obviously an 'equal opportunity hobby!

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