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circa: 1890-1895

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CLOCK STYLE Advertising Bracket Clock
CLOCK NAME Double Dial Bracket Clock


Baird Clock Co., Plattsburgh, N.Y.

Edward Payson Baird (1860-1922)



Seth Thomas Clock Co. #60 Movement, brass 30 day, dual time spring, graham deadbeat escarpment, 60 tooth escape wheel / 120 beats per min.  The movement is stamped with the Seth Thomas logo, and also "Baird Clock Co. / Plattsburg, NY."

The movement has a 3 3/4" pendulum bob with a 3" oak pendulum.

This movement is shown in the Seth Thomas catalog as being used for the Cincinnati Time Recorder.
CASE SIZE & CONSTRUCTION Base = 18 3/4", Height = 30 3/4", Depth = 6 3/4" 

Solid Oak case construction, no veneer's used anywhere.


Left Label

Right Label

Excellent labels:

Left Label: "The Baird Double Dial Bracket Clock / This clock is leased to you under a special contract and remains the property of the / Baird Clock Co., Plattsburg, New York."  The label shows skeleton view of method for mounting clock to front of building.

Right Label: "Directions for Attaching Clock to Font of Building"  Has sections describing method of mounting clock to building if material is wood, brick, or iron, and directions for setting the clock to running.

The printer is Wm. C. Hollister & Bro., Printers, Chicago


Dial #1

Dial #2

Both original paper dials are pasted on brass dial pans and are imprinted with "Leased from / Baird Clock Co., / Plattsburgh, NY".  Both dials have 11" chapter rings, and roman letters.  The winding arbors are present on one side of the clock, this side has a minute hand with a counter balance.  The back side of clock does not have a counter balanced minute hand.


There are several handwritten repair marks located on the wooden panel on the inside of the front of case.

1. Cl'd & Rep'd 8-8-17 F
2. July 27-1-32 PM
3. April 14 7-10 PM
4. May 7 7-35 PM

The clock came with a winding key with the Seth Thomas trademark on it, but I don't think it is original to the clock.  Also has what appears to be the original door key which opens the front side of the case.

Both the front and back side of the clock have paper advertising inserts for a Jeweler / Watch & Clock repair business.  It appears these were interchangeable based on the type of business the clock was leased to.
ACQUIRED FROM Auction at the June 2012 Chapter 124 One Day, TX.


The case is in good condition and will just need a coat of polish.  It is missing it's original hood and bottom, seen in the images on the left label.  The clock is very heavy weighing in at about 80 pounds.

Front side of case

Backside of case
RESTORATION 07/13 - Case cleaned and polished, movement cleaned and oiled.  Adjusted beat and set clock to running. 


The Baird Clock Co. Factory in Plattsburgh N.Y c.1895

Edward Baird was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1860.  At the age of 15 he worked for a company that made boxes for the Seth Thomas Clock Co.  Edward met Seth Thomas Jr. during this time frame, and at the age of 19 went to work for the Seth Thomas Clock Co. in 1879.  He left Seth Thomas in 1887 he moved to Montreal, Canada and worked for the Electro Mechanical Clock Co.  He established his own business that same year, and The Baird Clock Co. was formed.  The company was mainly known for it's figure 8 advertising clocks, which utilized paper-mache dial surrounds that had the advertising embossed in them.  In 1890 he moved his business to Plattsburgh, New York and set up a factory on the Saranac River.  By 1896 the company had failed and all assets were seized by the local Sheriff.  1n 1897 Baird moved to Chicago, Il. and set up the Baird Manufacturing Company, and continued to make figure 8 advertising clocks, but the dials were now stamped tin instead of paper.

This clock presents some questions that I haven't been able to answer to date:  The label shows the name Plattsburgh and the label has the spelling as Plattsburg (the h was dropped); The label printer is from Chicago, but the clock label and dial show Plattsburg(h), so were these clocks made in Plattsburgh, then leased to businesses while he was Chicago, or did he use a Chicago printer while he was located in Plattsburg? 

I have found very few references on the Baird double dial clock, and no occurrences of them coming up in recent auctions.  If anyone can shed some light on this clock, I would be most appreciative.

The clock certainly presents some challenges for displaying it.  Since it is double sided, the best place would be to mount it as it originally was intended, from the side of a wall so that both dials can be viewed.  We don't have very many places in our home that is suitable for this, and if we do find one, since the clock is very heavy, it will definitely be a two man job!

REFERENCES 1. "NAWCC Bulletin 375", Page 418, brief history of company
2. "NAWCC Bulletin 259, page 163, brief history of company
NOTES We certainly did not attend this auction to purchase this clock, but once we saw it, my wife and I were both intrigued.  In 20 years of collecting, I have never seen another example of this clock style by Baird, so I think it is fairly rare.  I also found it fascinating that the clock was leased to businesses, and remained the property of the Baird Clock Co.

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