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circa: 1934-1941

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CLOCK STYLE Pendulette
CLOCK NAME Animated Bluebird with Oak Leaves
MANUFACTURE Manufactured by Westclox for The Keebler Clock Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
MOVEMENT TYPE Brass, 30 hour, lever escapement, spring driven. 200 beats/minute.
CASE SIZE & CONSTRUCTION Base=4", Height=6", Depth=2"

Wood Arabic numerals.

Walnut face, green leaves, red flowers, blue birds in nest with ivory colored hands and numbers. The metal Bluebird rocks back and forth feeding baby birds in nest as pendulum swings.

ACQUIRED FROM East Fork Antiques, Forney, TX.
CONDITION WHEN ACQUIRED Time piece in running order.


The Lux Manufacturing Co. was founded by Paul Lux in 1917. He was a native of Germany, and had worked for the Waterbury Clock Co. for 28 years. Produced timers, alarms, and novelty clocks under the management of Lux, his sons and grandsons. The Keebler Clock Company marketed many of their clocks. Lux built a second plant in Lebanon, Tennessee in 1950. In June of 1961 the company was taken over by the Robertshaw-Fulton Controls Company.

From "Many of the Pendulette and shelf clocks had faces made by the Syracuse Ornamental Company Inc. These were made of a mixture of fine sawdust and resin (known as Syrocowood) that was poured into a mold, dried and then removed from the mold. The Lux Clock Mfg. Company then hand painted these cases in various colors. After World War 2, The Lux Clock Mfg. Company started producing many of their clocks with plastic cases. In the 1930s Lux Clock Mfg. Company also made clocks for the August C. Keebler Company of Chicago, Illinois (The Keebler Company did not produce their own clocks). The Lux Clock Clock Mfg. Company also sold the same clocks with their name on them. Westclox also made clocks for the Keebler Company that were similar to the Lux Pendulettes. The Westclox clocks all wind at the nine o'clock position. In the late 50s Westclox also produced their own Pendulettes, which were similar to the Lux Pendulettes.  The Lux Clock Mfg. Company also had a sales division in New York, the DeLuxe Clock and Mfg. Company Inc., 1107 Broadway New York, New York. You will find many of the art clocks with the DE LUXE sticker on the back of the case."

This clock was produced by Keebler until they went out of business in 1942.  The model was carried on by Columbia Time (which was owned by Westclox) through 1958.

The image to the left is the Lux Clock Co. as it appeared c. 1920.

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NOTES We where on our way back for the 1st Monday Trader Days in Canton, Tx. and stopped at East Fork antiques in Forney, Tx.  We have been in this shop before and they probably have one of the best selection of larger antique furniture pieces we have ever seen.  Say this little Keebler clock and since I didn't get anything in Canton, decided to bring it home to add to our Pendulette wall.

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