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circa: 1900-1910

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CLOCK STYLE Novelty Timepiece
MANUFACTURE The Jennings Brothers MFG. CO, Bridgeport, Conn.

Erwin M. Jennings (President)
Edward A. Jennings (Treasurer)
Henry A. Jennings (Secretary)
CASE MODEL # No. B2511

Brass movement, 30-hour, Time only, pin lever escapement, probably made by the Waterbury Clock Co. and sold to Jennings Bros.



Base=3 1/4", Height=4 3/4", Depth=2"

White metal base with gilt colored finish.
LABEL INFORMATION The bottom of the case is stamped on base "Trademark JB / Signifies The Best / 553"


The white porcelain dial is in excellent condition. It has a seconds bit,  black Arabic letters, and a 1 3/4" chapter ring. 

The dial The Jennings Brothers trademark "JOB" on below the 12 o'clock position.


Back of case was engraved by a former repair person "HES / 4/10/3 / $1.50 / #36071KS"

Case is stamped "The Jennings Brothers Mfg. Co. / Bridgeport, Conn., USA"

ACQUIRED FROM Online auction

Time piece in running order, front legs had been broken off and appear to have been glued back on with some sort of epoxy.  It was a very noticeable repair.

The timepiece has most of it's original shiny gilt finish intact.


Repaired front legs using plumber's epoxy, a dental pic, and a rotary tool.  Since the case has most of it's original gilding, I didn't want to refinish the entire case, so I re-gilded the repaired area's with an Artists gold leaf pen.  It isn't perfect, but sure looks a whole lot better than it did.  You can't see the repaired area unless you are really looking for it.

Cleaned, oiled, and adjusted movement, and set clock to running.

The images to the left are the restored front legs.


Jennings Brothers Manufacturing Co. as it appeared c. 1903.

This timepiece originally sold for $2.60 in a 1906 catalog.

The Jennings Brothers Mfg. Co. started by the three Jennings Brothers.  They were raised on a farm and entered business making small novelty timepieces as well as other decorative brass items (ink wells, bookends, etc.)  They purchased small 30 hour movements from other manufactures (such as The Waterbury Clock Co.) and cased them in their Spelter novelty cases.

"This company is one of the leading and. most enterprising manufacturing concerns in Connecticut; it began business in the year 1890, occupying to begin with, less space for its entire business, than it now utilizes for office room alone.  The hard work, aggressive and sagacious management, combined with liberality and fidelity in dealing with customers, has won for The Jennings Brothers Manufacturing Company a clientage and reputation equaled by few and excelled by none.  Its business is the manufacture of clocks, in metal cases, candelabra, art metal and silver plated flatware.  Among the numerous finishes applied to its many designs and large variety of goods made, is its Ormolu gold plate which is manufactured exclusively by this company, and marketed under the trademark "J. B. Ormolu gold." This finish is the most beautiful and durable of any similar gold finish made, and is the result of years of investigation and experiments, and is now acknowledged to excel anything produced here or abroad."

Its officers are Erwin M. Jennings, President; Edward A. Jennings, Treasurer, and Henry A. Jennings, Secretary, three brothers, reared on a Connecticut farm, entering business to make their own way, and who now enjoy the confidence of all who know them.

REFERENCES 1. "Clock Identification and Price Guide - Book 2", Roy Ehrhardt, 1983, page 83.
2.  “Public Documents of the State of Connecticut 1903”
NOTES Gift from K.L. for Christmas 2005

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